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Load Arrester

Machine safety with flexibility.

Our range of load arrester offer a selection for different areas of application to protect against a fall of the load in the event of failure of the load suspension device and possible property damage or personal injury.



Load Arrester

robust and low-maintenance - for securing loads

according to RL 2006/42/EG


Different requirements for machine safety require different concepts for the safety catch mechanism. When specifying the requirements for machine safety, the selection of a standard product is guaranteed.



Industry, Scaffolding,

Gymnastics and sports equipment


Machines part of:

Order No.
length* Housing Datasheet Log book
Declaration of conformity
41-HWB 3,5 L 150 3,5 m Aluminium Download PDF Download PDF  
41-HWPS 6 L 4,5 m Plastic Download PDF   
41-HWPS 12 L/150/12 12,0 m Plastic Download PDF   
41-HWPS 12 L/250/9 9,0 m Plastic Download PDF   
41-HPS 6 L/300 5,0 m Plastic Download PDF   
41-HPS 12 L 300 kg 10,0 m Plastic Download PDF    
41-HPS 7 L/250 7,0 m Plastic Download PDF    
41-HPS 18 L/300/16 16,0 m Plastic Download PDF   
41-HL 30/1000 6,0 m Aluminium Download PDF   
41-HL 30/500 10,0 m Aluminium Download PDF  
41-HL 16/500/6 6,0 m Aluminium Download PDF   
 * The specified lengths refer to the possible length of use of the respective product.





Lifting Device for Loads (HL)

The lifting device for loads of type IKAR HL consists of a suspension construction in the form of a mobile aluminum tripod or a stainless steel cantilever arm of type IKAR ASS and AASS. The IKAR load winch, 300 kg winch is attached to the special mounting points of the suspension structures by means of a quick-change bracket.



Lifting Device for Loads (HL) with

according to RL 2006/42/EG

  • Suspension structure IKAR Tripods or supension construction for IKAR cantilever arms
  • Load winch IKAR load winch, 300 kg



 Product   Datascheet   Log book
  Declaration of Conformity
 HL Download PDF Download PDF  


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