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Establish a safe connection together.

The IKAR sets offer a sensible combination of basic components of personal fall protection systems for different trades, areas of application and rescue measures for working at height.


IKAR Rescue Kit

Security until you return to the ground

The rescue kit was developed especially for people using personal fall protection equipment. After falling the casualty is suspended in a situation which it cannot get out on its own and is therefore dependent on external rescue.
IKAR Rescue Kit

The complete rescue kit consists of:

  • ABS 3a WH descent device with emergency lifting function, for lifting and/or lowering the casualty
  • 1 m long anchorage sling
  • IKV 13 steel screwgate carabiner hook as conecting element
  • Kernmantle rope Ø 10.5 mm in standard lengths of 20 m and 40 m with IKV 11 small aluminium double action hook
  • Other rope lengths on request
  • A telescopic pole (extendable up to 3.60 m), with bracket to
  • hold IKV 11 safety hook in gate open position
  • Robust backpack carrying and storage bag
  • Detailed instructions for use




Order No.  Description
41-RSET/20 Rescue Kit, 20 m
41-RSET/40 Rescue Kit, 40 m


IKAR Standard Kit

Standard relieves the operational organization

 Standard Set    

Consisting of:

  • IKAR Full Body Harness IK G 1
  • 1.5 m long kernmantle rope connecting device with energy absorber
  • double action steel hook IKV 06 and double action tube hook IKV 55
  • Device bag


Scaffolding, steel structures


 Art. Nr.
SET 01 Standard Kit


Sweety Kit

Fall protection for the demanding user

 Sweety Set    


Consisting of:

  • IKAR Full Body Harness IK G 1
  • Height safety device type HWB 2 (Sweety)
  • Sweety (certified over a sharp edge) optionally with tube hook IKV 55  at the webbing with 60 mm opening gate (with surcharge)
  • Carabiner hook IKV 13 is included
  • 1 m webbing anchorage sling as connecting device
  • Device bag




For movement-intensive work on steel roofs, flat roofs,
ladders, steel structures, scaffolding


  Order No.   Description
SET 02 Sweety-Kit

AG 01 Kit

Universal fall protection for the experienced user

 AG01 Set    


Consisting of:

  • IKAR Full body Harness IK G 1
  • Guided type fall arrest device IK AG 01
  • Ø 12 mm kernmantle rope, total length 10 m
  • 2 m webbing anchorage sling
  • Device bag



Work on roofs, ladders, windows and facades

Order No. Description
SET 05  AG 01-Kit


Elevated Working Platforms Kit

The seat belt for the working platform


Consisting of:

  • IKAR harness IK G 2 B
  • Height safety device ACB 1,8
  • with double action hook IKV 11 is included in the hold
  • Device bag
  • Carabiner hook IKV 30



Working platforms






Order No. Description
SET 08
Working platforms


Scaffolding Kit

Maximum protection against falling through maximum performance


Consisting of:

  • IKAR harness IK G 2 BX flex
  • Height safety device HWB 2 DWG
  • Large double action hook IKV 55 at the end of webbing
  • Device bag






Order No. Description
SET 09
Scaffolding Kit


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